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Home Outside simplifies the process of landscaping your property.

Easy access to tools and services to design your landscape and plan a garden design. Get custom design help with our nationwide network of designers, design it yourself with our desktop and mobile apps, or use our garden design collections and regional planting guides for a landscape you'll love.

3D Views

Available with our Landscape Design and Garden Bed Design services

Add 3D Views to your design service and get a full-color preview of your new landscape from several angles. See how the design will improve your landscape’s beauty, privacy, and comfort. Save valuable time by using the 3D views to discuss the installation and details with your contractor.

3D Views will give you a clear vision of the proposed outdoor spaces, gardens, and landscape elements so you can more easily imagine yourself enjoying them!

Design Services

Every landscape and client is unique

Check out our projects to see the range of settings and styles in our designs


Drought Tolerant Backyard — Western Texas

Family Vacation Home – New Hampshire


Modern Backyard — Washington, DC


Cottage Garden – Southern Brazil


Pool Patio – Long Island, NY


Party Central — Phoenix, AZ

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Julie Moir Messervy

For three decades my team and I have been helping people design their home landscapes. We’ve written books and other educational content, created a property layout app, and designed countless gardens and property plans around the country and beyond.

Whatever you’re looking for—books, tips & inspiration, an app to help you design it yourself, phone consultations, ready-made designs and plant collections, or design services (a specific project or the whole property)—we hope you’ll find it here. If you don’t see the kind of assistance you’re looking for, drop us a line. We’re always seeking new ways to help people get a landscape they’ll love.

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Perfect Plant Pairings

Proven Winners® + Home Outside present a free Perfect Plant Pairings tool. You’ll find beautiful Home Outside designed collections of Proven Winners perennials and shrubs for the seasons you want, in the colors you love, and matched specifically for your selected garden preferences. Save your favorite Pairings as a PDF, print to take to the nursery, or order online direct from Proven Winners for home delivery.

Start Pairing!

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