Landscape Design Ideas & Tips

Home Outside has years of experience designing every detail for a variety of home landscapes. View landscape design ideas & tips from Home Outside designers.

Recommended Reading: Big Dreams, Small Garden

Do you ever feel envious of picture-perfect garden-porn landscapes that few of us can afford to emulate? Or are you waiting until you live [...]
concrete firebowl in a terrace garden

Landscape Inspiration: A Stylish Fire Garden

From time immemorial, fire has been a vital part of our outdoor landscapes. Originally used for cooking and warmth, fire has increasingly [...]

Planting Design Tip: Swathes and Swoops and Drifts and Rivers

Oh, the siren call of nurseries and garden centers in spring! It is so tempting to buy every gorgeous plant that whispers (or shrieks) [...]
snow-covered residential landscape

Landscape Design Tip: Study the Flow in Winter

If you live in a northern climate, the best time to study the flow of your property is in winter when the bones of the land are [...]
Corten-steel-edged lawn in Austin, Texas, back yard

Bold Backyard Landscape Design

Create a Floating Effect in the Landscape In this backyard landscape, each material – metal, wood, concrete, plant, or grass – looks as [...]

Landscape Design Inspiration: Grasses Shine in Fall

Fall is when grasses really shine. Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia fulgida ‘Goldsturm’) and firetail mountain fleece (Persicaria [...]

Landscape Design Tip: Back Up Your Seating!

When placing a seat or bench in your landscape, “Create a sense of security around your bench,” Julie Moir Messervy writes in [...]

App Tip: How to Create a Property Base Plan with a Map Image

Did you know that you can use the Map Tool to import a satellite image of your property into the Home Outside app? If you don’t have a [...]

Landscape Design Tip: Soften Straight Lines with Plantings

A client asked us, “I have a lot of straight lines in my landscape. Is there any way to jazz things up?” Straight lines can be [...]

Path Materials: Why We Love Peastone

Our Home Outside designers are often asked for recommendations for path materials. The options can be overwhelming, and many are quite [...]
urban patio garden

Urban Garden Design: An Intimate Terrace Garden

At the heart of this open-air room is a beloved crabapple tree, visible from the kitchen windows, which provides food for the birds and a [...]

Coastal Massachusetts: A Sideyard Transformed into a Firepit Garden

We turned an unused side yard into an outdoor “fire garden” for a couple that likes to entertain at their Massachusetts seaside home. We [...]
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