Here are a few Father’s Day gift ideas from the Home Outside team. Sure, a couple of these might be a little extravagant…but dads deserve the best, don’t they?!

If you really want to show Dad some love, how about his own man cave? Studio Shed, a company trusted and recommended by Home Outside designers, provides pre-fab kits for sleek, beautifully designed backyard sheds. With a range of options, Studio Shed has an outbuilding for every purpose: work, relaxation, hosting guests, or breaking out the ol’ electric guitar and amp. You can either help Dad build it with a DIY kit, or choose Certified Installation and have it done for him.

Few dads can resist the delight of building and tending a fire for the family to gather ’round. Terrain has an excellent selection of fire bowls and firepits, including this handsome copper dish.

So, let’s see, we’ve covered shelter and fire, two of man’s basic needs. How about water? We love these AquaPots from Proven Winners for their beauty, high quality, and variety of styles–but best of all, they’re self-watering! That’s right–Dad can have a great-looking planting container that he won’t have to water and fertilize for up to a month.


We’re not saying that Dad should spend his special day working outdoors, but well-designed tools can make yardwork a pleasure. We know people who swear by this Kobalt electric string-trimmer, available from Lowe’s, which is both quiet and surprisingly powerful.

To sit back and admire the fruits of his labor, Dad might want to rest in a modern update of the classic Adirondack chair. The Lollygagger Lounge Chair is made entirely of recycled materials (that’s a lot of plastic milk jugs taken out of the waste stream!).

If Dad needs some help deciding what to plant in his AquaPot, or where to situate the firepit, or how to landscape around the man-cave, or any other garden or landscape-related dilemma, there’s always Home Outside. Our Garden Design Coaching service makes a great gift; he can send us some photos and have a screen-share call with one of our design experts to discuss his garden questions. He can also get a planting design for a specific area, or a landscape design for a whole or partial property. If he’s a DIY type, he might want to do the design himself using the Home Outside app. See our range of design services here.

And to all of our dads, grandfathers, stepfathers, fathers-in-law, and father-figures, we wish you a very happy Father’s Day!


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