Give the Gift of Gardens (Or Gift It to Yourself!)

It’s fun to decorate your property for the holidays. But wouldn’t it be even more fun to finally make some real improvements to your landscape in the new year? Why not give the gift of gardens, either to yourself or a loved one?

Want to add a gathering space, like a firepit or dining terrace, that will give you and your family years of enjoyment? Wondering what you can plant around your entryway to give your home beautiful curb appeal? Is it finally time to add that pool or hot tub that will make your backyard a “staycation” destination?

Winter is the perfect time for creating a new landscape plan, and Home Outside can help! Our landscape design experts take your ideas and dreams and turn them into layout plans that show you where to place all the pieces for a garden you’ll love.

We’re offering a Holiday Sale on all of our landscape and garden design services. Purchase now, and then you (or your lucky gift recipient) can spend some cozy winter days planning your landscape with your own personal designer. Come spring, you’ll be ready to start building the landscape of your dreams.

As you’re putting your garden to bed for the season—coiling up the hoses, mulching the planting beds—do you find yourself noticing everything you wish you could change about your outdoor space?

Winter is the perfect time for dreaming up a new landscape plan, and Home Outside can help! From now through December 31, we’re offering 20% off Partial and Full Property Design services! Our landscape design experts take your ideas and dreams and turn them into layout plans that show you where to place all the pieces for a garden you’ll love. Start planning your dream garden today!

From now through December 31st

we're offering 20% off Partial and Full Property Design services!


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What You’ll Receive

With Partial and Full Property Design, you’ll receive a beautiful and functional design layout that shows you where to place everything you want for your outdoor space, including:

Designer’s Notes

Designer’s notes calling out the design features, general materials, and practical and aesthetic recommendations

Plant Suggestions

General plant suggestions such as “small flowering tree,” “6-foot evergreen hedge,” etc.

Meetings with Your Designer

Phone calls or teleconferences to discuss your project goals and review your draft design

Final Design

A final design incorporating your feedback. This is a full-color, printable 11×17” PDF


What information will you need from me to create a design?

We’ll ask you to complete an online workbook in which you’ll tell us about your property and goals, complete a questionnaire about your style and preferences, and send us photos of your house and yard.

How long will it take for me to get my design?

Once you submit your workbook, you’ll have your design in about three weeks. Sometimes the designer needs to clarify your information, or it can take a day or two for the designer and client to find a mutually convenient time for the phone consultations, but we aim to get your design to you as quickly as possible.

Is there a property size limit for your design services?

Our service is intended for small properties, but we have done conceptual designs for up to 3 acres. Please note that the design for a very large property will not be as detailed as for a smaller one.

Do I have to have a property plan or survey in order to use this service?

No. If you have one, that’s great, but if not, we’ll create your base plan according to satellite data and photos. You’ll have an opportunity to correct any inaccuracies in the base plan before we create your design.

Is every design unique? Or do you use design templates?

We do not use templates or cookie-cutter designs; every design is created to suit the client’s needs and preferences, as well as the unique features of the landscape and architecture.

Will your design include plants that are right for my planting zone?

Our Partial or Full Property design service will give you general recommendations for what kinds of plant material to put where (e.g., “low evergreen groundcover” or “tall shrub to screen view”). You can take your plan to your local nursery and ask for their help selecting plants for your zone, or you can hire us at an hourly rate to create a planting design with specific varieties.

If I purchase two designs, will they be completely different?

We’ll apply our creativity and expertise to making the designs as different as possible. You may see similarities between the two designs simply because there is often one best place to locate a feature in the landscape.

Will I own my final design?

Yes, you (the client) will own your final design.

If you post my project on your site, how will my privacy be protected?

We respect our clients’ privacy and will never reveal your name or address, only a general location such as “Boston area” or “Northern California.”

Where can I read the fine print?

You can read our Terms and Conditions here.

What if I don't see my question here?

Please use our contact form, and we’ll be happy to help!

Hear From Our Customers

I am home on a vacation day and just opened the files and I love the designs—fabulous use of the space! I can't wait to talk about them with you.


Thank you! We LOVE it. It has been a wonderful experience!


We’re over the moon with the plan! Thank you! It is wonderful! I’m so excited! Thank you for getting this to me so quickly! The plan looks amazing. I’ll definitely send you pictures as things progress.


Thank you! I love it at first glance - can't wait to see on iPad and really absorb. It was fun to work on the project and see the plans you came up with. The options helped us think through what we really wanted.


Your team does great work and I appreciate the quick turn-around! I thought it was well produced (the workbook).


Thank you so much for the final designs! They look fantastic. It will be fun to start working on it. It was great talking to you and listening to your beautiful ideas.