Pool Landscaping Design Services

Pool Landscaping

If you need a personalized landscaping design that includes a swimming pool, Home Outside can help!

We do not design swimming pools; you’ll need a properly licensed pool contractor for that. Our landscaping design experts will show you the best place to put a pool in your yard, and give you beautiful and practical ideas for landscaping around it.  

We create property plans, inspirational idea boards, and planting idea boards.  Read more about our pool landscape design services to see which one is best for you.


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Pool Landscape Design


For a landscape design for the area around the pool (up to 60% of your property), choose our Partial Property Design. If you want our designers to show you how to integrate a swimming pool into your entire property design, select our Full Property Design service.

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Pool Design Ideas


With our Landscape Idea Board service, the Home Outside landscape design experts  will put together a collection of inspirational images for your perfect pool landscape. Tell us what you’re looking for: pool designs, pool-side furniture, outdoor showers, interesting decking materials, fun play features, or any other items you’ve been dreaming of. We’ll send you our best ideas, in the form of a Pinterest board of 15-20 images with descriptive notes and links to more information.

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Pool Planting Ideas


Plantings can transform your swimming area from a bare rectangle to a lush and enticing getaway that feels like a vacation destination on your own property. Whether you have space for garden beds around the pool or want to style the pool area with beautiful container plantings, the Home Outside designers can help you select the right plants for your hardiness zone, maintenance needs, and aesthetic preferences.

Our landscape design experts will put together a Pinterest board showing 15-20 plants that suit your needs and will look beautiful together around your swimming area. Each image will link to more detailed information about the plant.

This service can also be added onto our Full or Partial Property Design service.

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