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Cupped hands holding some soil and a small plant, with the title "The Earthshot Prize"Home Outside has received a tremendous honor and validation of our mission to combat climate change one beautiful landscape at a time: Impact Entrepreneur has nominated Home Outside for The Earthshot Prize 2024.

The world’s most prestigious climate initiative award, the Earthshot Prize was created by Prince William in 2020 “to search for and scale the most innovative solutions to the world’s greatest environmental challenges.”

Prince William speaking on a stage, in front of a backdrop image of the earth from space

What is Home Outside doing to address climate change?

Home Outside empowers people everywhere to do our part to build a more resilient world. Our JULIE AI platform, to be released in Spring 2024, reconstructs your property in 3D, then suggests beautiful and sustainable improvements to your home landscape. Our technology enables you to project our expertly-curated 3D plant collections in your yard with augmented reality (AR) so you can visualize the result and select the best location.

Home Outside’s native plant collections stack multiple environmental benefits for different eco-regions, cultural conditions, and environmental issues like drought or flooding—while keeping beauty and delight at the forefront of every design.

3D AI front yard design showing colorful plantings, vegetable beds, curb appeal, privacy hedges, and more

JULIE AI design adds a privacy hedge, raised vegetable beds, container plantings, a perennial border, and trees to a suburban front yard.

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