Home Outside Project: Central Valley, CA

These California homeowners needed to reduce their lawn to respond to water-use restrictions and took the opportunity to seek a whole-property design that would show where to fit everything they wanted for their outdoor space.

Their Home Outside workbook indicated a preference for spare, symmetrical arrangements. They wanted to reduce the front lawn and add some trees for shade and privacy. They asked for a backyard that would accommodate many different family activities: play, entertaining, relaxing, dining, and more.

The Home Outside plan we created for them shows a front yard with a formal, under-stated layout, replacing much of the turf with curving beds of low-water plantings. In the backyard, we carved out small pools of lawn for kids’ play, with additional spaces for grilling, relaxing by the gas firepit, and dining and stargazing on the pergola-covered terrace. A swingset is tucked away to the side but visible for supervision from the patio. Stepping-stone pathways provide access through planting beds to all the activity areas.

“This is perfect!! Thank you so much. The workbook was really easy to follow. Simple and to the point. I think you have a great product here. Awesome! My wife and I loved it.”

Click here to see a larger view of the design.