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Creating a Welcoming Face for your Property

When it comes to our homes most of us would like to show a welcoming face to the world.  We’d like our visitors to feel that we’re glad they’ve come—and that once they enter, they will be graciously received.  The front of our property acts as the gateway to our home that invites entry and gives a hint as to who lives inside.

Go outside and look at your front yard from the street.  How welcoming does it feel?  Does the driveway and garage overwhelm the entry experience?  Does the front lawn tell visitors anything about who you are?

At Home Outside, we help our customers create a front yard that feels personal and welcoming while adding to its curb appeal and the property’s value.  Sometime this means creating a sense of welcoming by treating the front yard like it’s a backyard, complete with a place to sit, vibrant plantings, and a low fence and gateway that protects the property while inviting guests to enter. Other times, homeowners prefer an attractive privacy screen that creates a sense of sanctuary within. Our client workbook asks for your goals and preferences, and the Home Outside experts create a one-of-a-kind design you’ll love.

Make over your own entry so it looks like your idea of home. Home Outside can help with front yard or full-property design services.

Top image: Design by JMMDS. Photo by Susan Teare.
Before photo courtesy of homeowner. After photo and design by Home Outside.