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There are many reasons why getting landscape design help for your yard through a virtual service makes a lot of sense. What used to take hours of research to find the right pro, book an appointment, and then walk the site and document it before ever receiving a plan, can be accomplished efficiently—and affordably—by our seasoned Home Outside landscape experts.

Home Outside has been offering what we’ve called online, remote, or virtual landscape design services for the past eight years. We’ve perfected an easy-to-use process for helping clients create the landscape they love. Services include whole-property master planning, a front or backyard design, detailed planting plans, designs for pool terraces or outdoor cooking and dining areas—whatever our customers need. And we do this without ever setting foot on your property!

We offer a full range of services, from Garden Design Coaching to full and partial property landscape designs.

Some customers just want to know what to plant in a specific area of their yards—we can do that, too! If you want a planting design, or if you’re not sure which of our services best suits your needs, just drop us a line.

Getting virtual landscape design help for your property has never been easier. Let us know how Home Outside can help you achieve an outdoor space you’ll truly love.

Landscape plan by Home Outside. Photos by Susan Teare.