How It Works

Do you wish you had an outdoor room for living or dining under the stars? Need guidance on where to locate a shade tree, a veggie garden or perennial borders? Want to give your property a face-lift or some curb appeal? Our designers understand the big picture: they map out the zones, place the pieces, solve problems, and incorporate everything you ever wanted for your landscape. 

When you have a plan that complements your home and your lifestyle, you can install it in phases or all at once, secure in the knowledge that you have a design that works. How can we create a personalized landscape design without ever setting foot on your property? Here’s how: 

Share Your Dreams 

Our easy online workbook walks you through how to submit your property information, photos, ideas, goals, style and preferences. Your designer creates a base plan, studies your workbook, and creates a draft plan and image board for your review. 

Get the Design You Love

Based on your feedback, your designer creates a colorfully-rendered final design that suits your site, style, and needs. You also receive notes and an image board that explain the elements you’ll need to build your design. 

Make It Happen! 

Build your landscape yourself, consult your local nursery, or give the design to your contractor to install. Then enjoy the Home Outside you’ve created! 
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