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The season of holiday entertaining and visiting is now underway, and nothing makes your home look more inviting on a winter evening than landscape lighting.

In the entry garden shown here, guests have no doubt about which door to use and how to get there, and the warm spill of light from the porch chandelier makes them feel welcome even before they’re inside. Ground-level lighting is artfully placed to illuminate the walkway for safety while also creating a mood of anticipation of a festive and cozy gathering. Use high-quality LED bulbs with a warm tone to save energy while replicating traditional incandescent lights.

From New Landscaping Ideas That Work by Julie Moir Messervy (The Taunton Press, 2018, page 211). Photo by Brian Vanden Brink. Design by Dominic Paul Mercadante Architecture, Mohr & Seredin Landscape Architects.