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Here’s how to project Home Outside’s 3D Garden Collections on your property with your phone using augmented reality.


Have fun trying it out! When you get a view you like, take a screenshot—you might want to refer to it later.

If you have questions or want to suggest a tip of your own, please drop us a line.



Does AR work on all devices?
Augmented reality is only available on the following mobile devices and operating systems:

  • iOS: iPhone 7 and newer or iPad 5 and newer, running iOS 12+
  • Android: devices with ARCore 1.9 support on Android 8+

How do I resize and move the AR object?
To make the object larger or smaller, use a pinching gesture on your screen. Use one finger to rotate the object. Hold down two fingers and drag to move it around your yard.

Why isn’t AR working for me?
Here are some ways to optimize your AR experience:

  • AR relies on a strong internet connection. To determine if this is the problem, try out the AR closer to your router and see if it works. It may also be too dark in your location, so try moving to a brighter spot.
  • Good lighting is crucial for AR to work effectively. Very bright sunlight or glare off reflective surfaces such as snow or glass can interfere. Try using AR at different times of day to see what works best in your yard.
  • Keep your phone as still as possible. AR relies on accurately tracking the position of your phone in relation to the real world. Avoid moving the phone too quickly or shaking it during AR experiences. You can even try setting the phone on top of a stable surface.
  • Move around. Try using AR from different positions and angles to fully explore the AR experience and see the projection from different perspectives.
  • If you’re having difficulty seeing the object in your yard, try turning blending off. The object may be more highly visible and easier to place with blending off.

Help! I’m trying to tap the AR icon in the lower right corner, but it’s blocked by the green Share button.
Don’t worry—just scroll out from under the green button. Place your finger outside of the collection image and scroll up until the AR button is visible again.

Why does the AR image look ghostly?
We’re aware that there are some issues pertaining to Android and iOS compatibility, including the “ghostly” appearance that sometimes occurs on iOS. We’re working to optimize compatibility and performance across devices.