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This time of year, it’s wonderful to bring holiday lights and greenery into the house to remind us of our gardens and add sparkle and cheer to our homes.

Green is the color of renewal and regeneration, and for centuries evergreen trees and greenery have been used in winter celebrations as a symbol of everlasting life. From swags of evergreen to miniature table-top gardens, here are some ideas we love for decorating your home with live plants and fresh-cut greens and flowers.


Forcing bulbs is one of the easiest ways to brighten up the darkest weeks of the year. Image: Pistils Nursery.


Honor winter with a garland, anywhere in your home. This mix of fir, pine and arborvitae branches is accented with dried citrus, but you could decorate with anything that cheers your soul, from ribbons to seashells to toy animals. Image: One Kings Lane.


Fiddle-leaf figs are wildly popular for many reasons, including the fact that they bring a huge, bright pop of green indoors. Apartment Therapy has some good tips for keeping your fiddle-leaf fig happy and healthy. Image: Making It Lovely.


Norfolk Island Pines are wonderful evergreen houseplants—an excellent low-maintenance, small-footprint substitute for a Christmas tree. Image: White Flower Farm.


Decorate a centerpiece or add adorable details to a gift presentation with rosemary and holly berries. Image: Monrovia.


Make the most of winter sunlight by moving your houseplants to your brightest windows, and add even more beauty with pots of forced bulbs. Image: A Garden for the House | Delicious Living.