Julie Moir Messervy

As a landscape designer, author, and lecturer, I travel extensively across the U.S. and Canada. Wherever I go, I see tracts of houses without any landscaping around them. Inspired to address this problem, I wrote Home Outside: Creating the Landscape You Love (Taunton Press, 2009) and my team and I created a simple and fun app that people everywhere could use to design personalized landscapes.

We also created the Home Outside online design service, and for several years we’ve been doing concept designs and planting plans for properties around North America. We can now offer beautiful expert front yard and backyard design to everyone, at a price more homeowners can afford. We’re looking forward to designing your Home Outside.

Amir Alexander Hasson

Amir is a serial social entrepreneur who has started and exited three companies since graduating from MIT Sloan in 2002. He is passionate about developing businesses that address systemic global problems. As COO, Amir is responsible for growing Home Outside’s operations to a scale that combats climate change.

home outside team jennifer


Jennifer does a bit of everything at Home Outside: answering your emails, handling logistics and payment, fielding questions about the app and service, helping you decide which service is right for you. Drop us a line or use our contact form—Jennifer will get back to you soon!

design team jana


Jana is a landscape designer with nearly 20 years of experience designing functional yet deeply meaningful landscapes. She approaches each design looking for a sense of balance and loves subtle details and patterns found in nature.

design team samantha


Samantha is a landscape designer and manager of Home Outside’s designer network. Samantha has permaculture design experience and especially enjoys designing contemporary landscapes and gardens that include edible plants.

design team bethany


Bethany is a landscape designer with a background in both landscape design-build and fine gardening. She approaches design with a love of plants and eco-sensitive landscapes. Her favorite challenge is to create beautiful modern compositions with local resources.



Daniel is a landscape designer with experience working on projects across the United States, Mexico, and Asia. He loves designing eco-friendly, dynamic spaces that balance the user’s needs with the surrounding landscape and architecture.

design team erica


Erica is a landscape architect with experience in all aspects of landscape design, with emphasis on horticulture and sustainable design. She has published a number of articles on plants and garden design and is a valuable resource at Home Outside.