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Julie Moir Messervy

Julie is a widely-recognized industry leader with decades of landscape design experience, including high-profile projects such as The Toronto Music Garden in collaboration with Yo-Yo Ma. The author of nine books on landscape design, she wrote Home Outside: Creating the Landscape You Love in 2009 to democratize landscape design. She then built a team to develop the Home Outside mobile app so that people everywhere could design their own landscapes. For homeowners who need more help, Julie launched the Home Outside Design Studio and pioneered remote landscape design. She’s now innovating with cutting-edge technology to make beautiful, sustainable design accessible at scale.

Amir Alexander Hasson

Amir is a serial impact entrepreneur and permaculture designer who has built three companies from startup to exit, improving the lives of millions of people worldwide. He has led digital sales and marketing teams to create brands from scratch and generate over $100M in revenue. He is passionate about developing businesses that address systemic global problems. Amir is responsible for growing Home Outside’s operations to a scale that combats climate change.

David Rose

David Rose

David is a five-time entrepreneur, MIT lecturer, author, and expert on digital product innovation, computer vision, spatial computing, and the internet of things. He launched an award-winning virtual try-on app for glasses at Warby Parker and is passionate about AI, AR/VR, wearables, embodied interaction, and affective computing. David is responsible for innovating and implementing Home Outside’s technology vision.


Jennifer does a bit of everything at Home Outside: answering your emails, handling logistics and payment, fielding questions about the app and service, helping you decide which service is right for you. Drop us a line or use our contact form—Jennifer will get back to you soon!

design team samantha


Samantha is a landscape designer and manager of Home Outside’s designer network. Samantha has permaculture design experience and especially enjoys designing contemporary landscapes and gardens that include edible plants.


Northeast, Upper and Central Midwest
design team bethany


Bethany is a landscape designer with a background in both landscape design-build and fine gardening. She approaches design with a love of plants and eco-sensitive landscapes. Her favorite challenge is to create beautiful modern compositions with local resources.

Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Upper and Central Midwest
design team jana


Jana is a landscape designer with nearly 20 years of experience designing functional yet deeply meaningful landscapes. She approaches each design looking for a sense of balance and loves subtle details and patterns found in nature.


Northeast, Mid-Atlantic
design team erica


Erica is a landscape designer with a passion for horticulture and regenerative design. She stays up to date with developments on soil management, water conservation, and plant introductions, and she has published a number of articles on plants and garden design.

Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, West, Pacific Northwest, Upper and Central Midwest


Sarah is a landscape and garden designer specializing in thoughtful, plant-driven design. She enjoys designing modern, naturalistic landscapes that use the surrounding environment as inspiration. She also loves to help clients integrate edible and cut flower gardens into their landscape.

Pacific Northwest, Northeast


Francisco is a landscape designer with over 5 years of experience in projects throughout California. Inspired by native plants, he uses drought-tolerant plant palettes to perform in a variety of ways to evoke soothing and inviting spaces.


West, Southwest


Daniel is a landscape designer with experience working on projects across the United States, Mexico, and Asia. He loves designing eco-friendly, dynamic spaces that balance the user’s needs with the surrounding landscape and architecture.




Derek is a landscape designer with over 6 years of experience working on a multitude of projects along the east coast from Maine to Florida, from small backyard gardens to city-wide master plans. He enjoys designing practical and useful spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly.

Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast


Hristina is a landscape designer with a passion for crafting photorealistic 3D landscape visualizations and a love for the magical world of plants. Her artistry helps clearly communicate and clarify complex ideas during the design process.


Matt is a landscape designer with over 10 years of design/build experience on projects throughout the Southwest. He enjoys creating the big-picture concepts as well as crafting the small details of a project, helping dreams become reality.


Pacific Northwest, West, Southwest


Mat is a landscape designer with over 25 years experience working on projects across the US, Europe, South Pacific, and Central America. His current focus is Rocky Mountain and southwestern landscapes incorporating native plants and adaptive, ecological design.


Upper and Central Midwest, Great Plains, Northern Rockies, Southwest