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Did you know that a plant may not flourish in your garden just because your hardiness zone is listed on its label? Designers have to choose plants that look good together as well as thrive in the specific conditions of the garden site. Design: Home Outside. Photographer: Susan Teare.

Creating a planting plan for a garden bed can be a tricky challenge, even for seasoned gardeners who know their plants. Good planting design takes into account many factors:

  • flower color and bloom times
  • complementary types of foliage
  • a variety of plant heights and habits (the overall shape and form of the plant)
  • the soil conditions in which particular plant varieties thrive
  • sun and shade patterns
  • forage and habitat for pollinators, songbirds, and other desired wildlife visitors
  • a garden style suited to your home and personality

The Home Outside plant list shows you exactly which plants to buy.

Home Outside designers are experts with years of experience designing gardens for different climates and conditions. We put together planting designs based on your site, preferences, and personal style. With our Garden Bed Design service, you’ll get:

  • a plant list of the specific plant varieties
  • a screenshare call with your designer to make sure you love the plants selected for you
  • a full-color planting plan showing where to place the plants in your garden bed
  • designer’s notes with additional information
  • optional 3D views showing how your planted garden will look in your landscape

The Home Outside Garden Bed Design planting plan shows you where to place the recommended plant varieties in your garden.

Home Outside Garden Bed Design 3D view example

Whether you want to renovate an old garden bed or break ground on a whole new planting area, Home Outside can help you create a beautiful, thriving garden.

Whatever your personal style, Home Outside can design a garden to match. Design: Home Outside. Photographer: Susan Teare.