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The Design Challenge

The Home Outside design team has noticed a trend since the Covid pandemic began: many people are sequestering with their families, with multiple generations suddenly living under the same roof for extended periods of time. New clients are coming to us with requests to make their yards more family friendly, with activities and spaces for parents, children, and grandparents. 

This New Hampshire property is a good example. The home has been in the family for many years, and they planned to renovate the landscape someday, but when several generations gathered there to spend time together during the quarantine, it seemed that someday had finally arrived. They needed to extend their living space outdoors and create places for meals, gathering, play, and conversation—all while honoring the traditional beauty of a historic New England home. 

The Home Outside Solution

Home Outside created a suitably elegant, yet not-too-formal landscape plan that created private outdoor rooms for grilling, dining, sitting, and contemplating the beautiful natural surroundings. Per the owners’ request, there is a “charming and cozy patio” made of local Goshen stone with a “weathered vintage look,” surrounded and softened by beloved traditional plantings such as hydrangeas, ferns, and lady’s mantle. It was important to keep the gardens simple and low-maintenance, since the house is used primarily on weekends and vacations. The driveway was widened to accommodate multiple cars, and a new hedge along the property setback line features Hydrangea arborescens ‘Incrediball,’ a New England classic with sturdy, non-floppy stems. At the back of the house, a new stone patio with a firepit is oriented towards a scenic meadow view. Stepping-stone paths lined with plantings and groundcovers lead to the desirable destinations around the property.

You can view the Home Outside image board used to illustrate the design concepts here.

The owners loved the plan and started work on the installation right away. They sent us a couple before-and-after photos of the work in progress, below.

The new backyard patio is made of local Goshen stone, laid in a random pattern; next year, groundcover plantings will fill the spaces between the pavers.

The new front yard hydrangea hedge separates public from private space, while presenting a classic New England welcome.

You can see more details about this design in our Project Gallery. Get some design help from the Home Outside experts and start your own landscape makeover today!