Patio Landscape Design

A patio or terrace can be a stand-alone landscape feature or an extension of your house. Do you want a “party central” zone for dining, grilling, and entertaining? Or do you long for a private contemplative outdoor retreat? Either way, a good design can make it your favorite place to be. Even tiny urban balconies or roof decks can be transformed by a creative landscaping expert.

If you’re looking for design help for your patio, terrace, deck, or balcony, read below to see which Home Outside service is right for you.

If you want a personalized landscaping design that includes a patio or deck, we recommend our Property Design services. If you want us to design the area around the patio (up to 60% of your property), choose our Partial Property Design. If you want our designers to show you how to integrate a patio into your entire property design, select our Full Property Design service.

Get started by using our easy online workbook to tell us about your goals and preferences. In only a few weeks, Home Outside’s expert landscape planners will deliver a beautiful, creative, and practical landscape design that includes the layout of your patio, and provides general recommendations for materials and plantings.

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Home Outside Patio Designs

landscape master plan

Large Property Master Plan—Florida

Urban Courtyard—Brooklyn, NY

Rural Woodland Retreat—Vermont

Tiny Modern Entrance Garden—Brooklyn, NY

Outdoor Entertaining & Play—Northern California

Terrace Garden—Near Boston, MA

Beach Vacation Home—Southern California

A Private, Pet-Friendly Garden—Southern California

Two Family-Friendly Designs—Southern California

Wildlife-Friendly Garden—Northern California

Contemporary Mountain Retreat—Washington State