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There are many good reasons that the ‘Spilled Wine’ Weigela was named the Landscape Plant of the Year. Its petite size makes it perfect for many uses in the garden, and its gently sprawling habit makes it a lovely filler for the front to middle of the garden bed. With outstanding wine-colored foliage and striking magenta blossoms in spring, it attracts beneficial pollinating insects and hummingbirds. Home Outside’s communications manager Jennifer trialed ‘Spilled Wine’ in her Vermont home garden, and after moving it to three different locations, she decided she liked it best near the front of her entry garden, where its spreading foliage will spill over the edges of the front walkway and hide the bare legs of the baptisia behind it. With sturdy roots and healthy foliage, this hardy shrub showed no ill effects after being dug up and moved around. Low-maintenance, beautiful, and versatile–this is a great plant for zones 4-8.

Image courtesy Spring Meadow Nursery