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In addition to providing some much needed privacy from a busy street, the tough screening shrubs and tall privacy fences proposed in these alternative Home Outside Designs also keep this homeowner’s dogs from escaping into the neighbors’ yards.

Check out the plan notes below to learn more about Home Outside’s design solutions for this sunny Southern California property!

Landscape Design A Plan Notes

A unit-paver walkway leads visitors to the front door beyond a privacy hedge, which provides screening from the street. A swath of native grasses creates an inviting entry and is accented with two specimen trees to enhance curb appeal.
The reduced front lawn framed by native planting maintains a formal entry while reducing water consumption. Removing the existing patio and replacing with concrete steppers maximizes the usable front lawn while softening the facade of the home. A new hedge creates a greater separation from the neighbors at the north and south of the yard.
Continuing the use of unit pavers from the front to the back patio unifies the site through use of materials. Increased patio space for dining and gathering is protected by a wooden shade structure overhead, as well as proposed smaller ornamental trees.
A raised wooden deck constructed flush with the interior floor elevation allows the interior to spill out onto an inviting deck. A large shade tree planted in the lawn provides afternoon and evening shade. The addition of a small deck ramp provides an accessible and integrated connection between the upper and lower levels.
New linear raised vegetable beds take advantage of the southern exposure and highlight the shape of the new geometric lawn. The rear lawn is framed by robust native grasses planted in formal rows of species able to withstand dog activity.
Trees anchor the end of the back garden and increase the sense of privacy. The new shape of the lawn gives plenty of space for dogs to play and encourages fetch from the shaded rear patio.
A small space carved out between the house and garage utilizes dry shade-tolerant planting to creating a small nook for reading or taking a phone call.
Strategically planted hedges act as a living privacy fence at windows shielding undesired views of neighbors.

Landscape Design B Plan Notes

An angular pathway leads visitors across a threshold of planting, over the front lawn, and to the door. The introduction of the angular geometry obscures the view of the front door from the street, creating additional seclusion from the road. A massed planting of larger shrubs creates an attractive barrier from the street. Use of brick paving material on the front pathway functions as a modern reinterpretation of the brick facade on the front of the house.
A new specimen tree centered on the window of the house creates seasonal interest in the front yard and can be enjoyed from the garden as well as from inside the house. Extension of the existing fence fosters greater privacy from the neighbors.
Preserving part of the existing patio provides space to enjoy the privacy of the new front garden. Brick pavers lead across the garden connecting the side yard to the south.
Native grasses frame a large brick patio extending from the house creating an inviting space for gathering. The skewed orientation of the patios, walkways, and deck invigorates the outdoor space by creating contrast between the outdoor paving and the architecture of the house. A shade sail and lighting could be hung over the patio, making it comfortable and inviting both day and night.
Flush with the interior floor elevation, an angular deck creates a small space to enjoy views of the garden. The upper level is connected by a deck ramp that leads to the lower patio.
Separated from the rest of the garden by shade trees, the area between the house and the garage becomes a small private garden room framed by plantings tolerant of the dry-shade conditions.
Angular raised planters situated adjacent to the lawn allow for ease of access and create interest in the garden. A continuous hedge beyond frames the yard and provides additional screening from the neighbors.
An additional brick patio added near the garage creates a flexible space that can be used as another seating area, used for potting plants or other outdoor activities.
Furnishings on the lawn anchor views from the patio and invite guests to walk out and enjoy the garden.
A simple wooden trellis or wire structure at windows will create a support for climbing vines to establish privacy while creating height, texture, and color visible from the interior.

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