Thuja plicata x standishii ‘Green Giant’
Ligustrum sinense ‘Sunshine’

Warm Climate Privacy Hedge Kit

  • Kit includes 10 Thuja Green Giants and 9 Sunshine Ligustrum Shrubs
  • Excellent for creating quick coverage year-round
  • Grows well in Zones 6-8 (outdoors) in full sun to part shade
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  • Easy-care, richly colored plants provide instant style
  • Add the coverage you need with style and charm
  • Convenient, ready-to-go privacy pack makes planting fun and easy!

Take advantage of the Thuja Green Giant for its lush green foliage, drought tolerance, and disease and insect resistance. Plus, it’s easy to grow and very adaptable to almost any soil. Watch its uniform growth take shape for attractive landscape height.

Enjoy the Sunshine Ligustrum for its year-round, bold yellow hues and ornamental foliage for visual appeal. Similar to the Green Giant, this cheerful variety is drought tolerant and can withstand most soil types for ease of planting. It’ll brighten borders and add the colorful coverage you’re looking for.

Combine these two natural beauties together, and you’ll have one exciting and eye-catching landscape display! Best for medium-sized yards, try planting these varieties in a staggered array to cover about 50 feet of landscape. Alternatively, create a single line of plants to cover slightly more space, lengthwise – about 80 feet.

When you’re looking for privacy-perfect plants for warmer climates, you can’t go wrong with the Warm Climate Privacy Kit from online nursery, Fast Growing Trees.

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