Project Summary

For this traditional New England home, Home Outside designed a multi-use outdoor dining terrace to replace a deteriorating brick patio. The design makes the most of morning and afternoon light conditions and frames the terrace with lush plantings.

Check out the plan notes below to learn more about Home Outside’s design solutions!

Landscape Design Plan Notes

Replace existing brick paving with locally sourced irregular flagstone paving, such as Goshen Stone or similar natural stone paving material.
A small, sunny morning terrace nestled between planting beds fits a few cozy chairs – a perfect place to enjoy your coffee.
A larger, shadier afternoon terrace is suitable for larger meals and parties. The patio is sized to fit the larger outdoor dining table and ensure that the table legs always stay on the patio surface, even when arranged to capture the afternoon shade from the maple tree.
The bed around the mature maple tree is enlarged to accommodate its root area. The planting bed is edged with cobblestone and features tough groundcovers and perennial plantings that are shade- and drought-tolerant.
A stone step leads into the newly renovated 3-season porch.
Garden bed to frame the newly expanded patio consist of low to medium height shrubs and perennial plantings.
A stone fire pit extends outdoor living opportunities into the evening. Moveable seating from the morning and afternoon terraces can be placed near the fire pit as necessary, providing maximum flexibility in how this small backyard patio is used throughout the day.
Large garden bed of groundcovers, flowering perennials, and small- to medium-sized shrubs frames patio and softens the hard edges of the building.

Home Outside Pinterest Board

“We are real do-it-yourselfers, but we were out of our league on this particular project. I shudder to think where we would have ended up if we hadn’t worked with Home Outside! We had some basic ideas about what we wanted…the Home Outside folks really challenged our thinking on virtually every aspect of this project. I think this is really significantly going to change where we spend our time and how we use the space.”

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