Project Summary

We brought big ideas to this small urban courtyard, with areas for outdoor dining, lounging, and entertaining. A shed conceals trash and utility items. Continuity among the container plantings helps to unify the space.

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Landscape Design Plan Notes

Replace existing metal deck with enlarged wooden deck. Include one double-wide wooden step at sliding door.
Place dining table between wall vent and utility structures. Dining table could be pulled out from wall for larger gatherings, but can be kept against the wall for smaller gatherings to provide a wider walking path between back door and stairs to courtyard. Incorporate string lighting over dining area.
Bamboo planter (existing) on casters and voluptuous potted plants define intermediary area between dining deck and larger back yard.
Rat-proof metal fencing along property perimeter, painted. There are many color and design options for this fence; see Pinterest page for ideas.
Supplement 2 existing bamboo planters with additional custom-constructed bamboo planters to completely cover the wall and fence with bamboo. Consider groundcover in bamboo planters, either low-growing plants or river rock.
Outdoor seating area is oriented towards stone wall for outdoor movie nights. For larger gatherings, additional chairs could be pulled over to seating area from other nearby outdoor spaces.
Built-in shed for trash receptacles as well as gardening tools and other outdoor items, such as seat cushions.
Potted plants should be filled with a variety of drought-tolerant plantings appropriate for sun and shade conditions on patio.
Option to have a free-standing umbrella that can be placed either on the deck or near the backyard seating area, for shade and privacy from neighbors.
Near stone wall, potted plants frame area for projector movie screen. Consider a collapsible projection screen, or hang a white sheet for movie nights.
Consider treating existing concrete paving with a color stain to reinvigorate patio surface.

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