Project Summary

These clients needed a master plan to guide them in the process of renovating their home and organizing the layout for a large property. The design aimed to create a gracious entry experience and arrange the house, garage, barn and gathering areas while making the lake the focal point. Landscape elements include an orchard, vegetable and herb gardens, shelter and pasture for livestock, activity areas for recreational sports, and a garden path for walking the property.

Because of the size of this project, it was a custom Home Outside landscape design. Check out the plan notes below to learn how we created this large property landscape master plan!

Landscape Design Plan Notes

Widened driveway, rerouted to allow closer view of water. Recommend Chipseal surface or similar (handsome, stable, less expensive than concrete).
Crushed gravel drive tracks allow access to orchard for pruning/maintenance and separate acess to utility areas. Keep utility vehicles off special pavers to avoid staining.
2-3’-tall stone walls create distinct driveway courtyard. Stone or concrete pillars at opening create a grand sense of entrance, frame view of courtyard fountain.
Porte cochere (portico) bridges house with driveway courtyard’s center island. Front door aligns with portico; center of portico aligns with island and center of fountain.
Single trunk palm trees around island continue the column effect of the portico supports. Tops provide shade while thin trunks allow views to fountain. Fountain shown 12-15’ wide.
Basketball hoop along edge of courtyard keeps it out of the way but allows ample space for family hoops. Clearing in yard beyond palms is a good place for kids’ play within view of front of house.
Large shade trees in lawn provide shade for chicken coop and yard.
Fenced veg garden; small square wire fence panels keep iguanas and other pests out. Gates at each end for easy access and maintenance. Allow chickens into horse pasture to eat ticks.
Walking path could be inexpensive tamped decomposed granite for easy drainage and smooth golf cart ride or could be paved with stone for a handsome, long-wearing look (see Pinterest board).
Paths around utility area and terraces should be modern, rectangular cut-stone pavers to bring formality to area around house.
Poolhouse for changing room, bathroom, storage. Pool pump behind poolhouse. Pergola area could include small outdoor kitchen. Exterior wall under pergola for retractable projector screen.
Path from play lawn into pool area for quick dip after family soccer. All pool access points to have latch/lock gates in perimeter fence (or pool should have retractable hard cover).
Soccer field or event lawn. Remove all pine trees here, regrade to create level area, amend soil to neutralize pH. Try seed or sod lawn before using synthetic. Irrigation system could pull from lake.
Allee of trees border lawn and shade path to/from tennis court. Path view aligns with lake fountain. Covered pavilion provides clear entry, space for dry storage, shade for match-viewing.
Staggered modern paver path in the view-side lawn is simple, stylish, and functional, while allowing open views of the lake from house. Plant grasses in bank along dock to reduce muck near terrace.

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