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These homeowners needed a total landscape design makeover to replace bare lawn with big garden beds, spaces to entertain outdoors, and separation between their home office area and the rest of the yard.

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Final Landscape Design Plan

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Surround mailbox and driveway with low, mounding ornamental shrubs and perennials to create a welcoming entrance.
Establish simple groundcover planting bed around existing trees to reduce lawn footprint. Connect planting bed to privacy hedge along property line.
Enlarge planting bed at front of house with flowering shrubs, ornamental grasses, perennials, and groundcover. Organize gardens into one sweeping curve.
Remove lawn in pathways between buildings, replacing with stone or concrete unit-paver path through groundcover and perennial plantings.
Enliven the front entrance to the office shed with container plants and a small outdoor patio area with bistro table. A low picket fence clearly separates the office area from the residential space.
A new raised vegetable garden is located near toolshed and sits in one of the sunnier spots in the back yard.
A new hot tub on a stone or concrete paver patio. Wrap-around wooden stairs maximize access to the tub and integrate it with the dining deck.
Add a shade structure over upper deck, shown here as a wooden arbor. Additional shade and privacy could be achieved with leafy vines or outdoor curtains and/or blinds.
Add a tall shade tree in the corner and smaller flowering trees along the property edge to anchor the ends of the back yard garden beds while providing privacy and shade.
A meandering grass path through simple garden beds along the west side of the house gracefully connects front and back yards.

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