Classic Green & White

Take a seat on a garden bench nestled beneath the blooming canopy of a crape myrtle, amid a refreshing palette of green and white. The combination of rounded hollies and tall, white hydrangeas has an old-fashioned elegance that never grows old.

The Planting Plan PDF shows the garden bed layout with specific plant names, quantities, placement, and dimensions.

Environmental Requirements
Size  19’x7′, ~125 sf
USDA Zones  7-9
Light  Full Sun–Partial Shade
Soil Type  Loam; Well-Drained, Occasionally Wet
pH  Acidic


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Crape Myrtle
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Little Lime
Panicle Hydrangea
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Soft Touch
Japanese Holly
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This Kit Includes

  • Lagerstroemia x ‘Natchez’ (Natchez crape myrtle) The multi-stemmed crape myrtle boasts lovely, cinnamon, exfoliating bark and long-blooming, paper-like flowers. A common street tree, this plant has good drought tolerance.
  • Ilex crenata ‘Soft Touch’ (Soft Touch Japanese Holly) A great boxwood substitute, this acid loving, evergreen shrub grows in neat little mounds. Black fruits are attractive to birds but require a male and female plant to produce. This plant is also host to specialist, cellophane bee, Colletes banksi. more info more info
  • Hydrangea paniculata ‘Jane Little Lime’ (Jane Little Lime panicle hydrangea) Like all panicle hydrangeas, Jane Little Lime is easy to grow, producing flowers on old and new shoots. Neat and clean in spring, this medium shrub emerges with green leaves and forms green flowers that fade into cream midsummer, and mature into deep pink or maroon by later summer or fall. This flower looks great paired with dark foliage or anything with a hint of rose.