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This plum-colored leaf Redbud with ornamental branching and richly hued dark foliage is so striking, it barely needs any ornamentation. A simple, elegant underplanting of evergreen liriope is the perfect complement for a serene and stunning garden with year-round interest.

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This Kit Includes

  • Cercis canadensis ‘Merlot’ (Merlot redbud) Blooming on leafless branches, this small, bean family native is a showstopper in spring with its myriad of fuchsia pea flowers. A good nectar source for pollinators and with seeds that feed birds, this redbud also supports the specialist, southern blueberry bee (Habropoda laboriosa). It’s also adaptable to many soils, grows in full to partial sun, and can be tolerant of droughty conditions. Beautiful beyond its bloom, the heart-shaped leaves, emerge and remain a dark burgundy shade, the color of wine. more info
  • Liriope muscari ‘Big Blue’ (Big Blue Liliturf) This grass-like groundcover requires low maintenance and maintains a clean, green appeal. Blooming in spring with lavender tufts, the flowers will fade into dark little berries by mid-summer. Consider this as a low-mow, lawn alternative for areas not exposed to foot traffic.