Evergreen Screen


Create a beautiful, low-maintenance privacy screen with a staggered row of arborvitae and mid-height junipers. Against this evergreen backdrop, a chartreuse shrub and purple and gold perennials pop in the foreground.

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Baby Giant
Arborvitae Tree
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Stella D'Oro
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Nepeta Catmint
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This Kit Includes

  • Hemerocallis ‘Stella d’Oro’ (Stella d’Oro daylily) This classic, easy-to-grow daylily will bring cheer to your garden for weeks on end. Its golden yellow flowers are iconic of early summer and their fragrance attracts butterflies and hummingbirds to its trumpet shaped blooms. Great for edging and salt tolerant, this compact plant will retain evergreen foliage in warmer climates for a neat, clean border, even along hardscape.
  • Juniperus virginiana ‘Skyrocket’ (Skyrocket eastern red cedar) The species native to North America, this columnar variety is prized as a unique and lovely narrow specimen. With evergreen, blue-green foliage, this salt and drought tolerant conifer can be grouped for screening or placed as a garden accent. Female plants produce blue berries, which birds love. more info
  • Ligustrum sinense ‘Sunshine’ (Sunshine Chinese privet) Selected for its foliage, this chartreuse, evergreen shrub is sure to bring some light to the garden. Salt and drought tolerant, it’s also sterile and unable to reproduce, so will stay where it’s put without much effort. This plant is toxic to dogs, cats, and horses though, so keep it out of the pets’ paddocks.
  • Thuja plicata x standishii PPAF 61830744 ‘VirginianTM’ (Baby Giant arborvitae) A new and improved sport, this arborvitae variety is grown for its dense foliage and compact size. A dependable evergreen with delightfully feathered branches, use this as a screen or specimen in the mid-sized garden. A cross between western red cedar and Japanese arborvitae, the plant provides a nesting site for birds and small animals.