Garden Design Session

Need some garden therapy? Schedule your 30-minute or 60-minute coaching session with a designer today to troubleshoot those tricky spots in your garden. You’ll get help planning the structure of your garden and general plant combinations that will thrive, look amazing, AND improve sustainability. Review photos of your gardens with your designer and gain creative perspectives on improvements and solutions right for your planting zone. Your designer will follow up with a custom cost estimate for the design services you need.

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How It Works

It’s easy. All you need are a few photos, a computer or mobile device, and an internet connection.


Purchase a Session with a Garden Designer and we’ll send you our online workbook. Share photos of your space and tell us what we need to know to help you.


Get together with your designer for a 30-minute or 60-minute screenshare session to look at your photos together and talk about your landscape, gardens, goals, and ideas.


With this expert advice, you’ll gain creative insights, a connection with an expert for continued design help, and the confidence to move forward with your project!

After Your Session, Continue with a Personalized Garden Design

Once you’ve completed your coaching session, hire your designer to create a garden design that converts the vision into a plan that you can implement. Here are some sample Home Outside Garden Designs, which typically cost between $500 to $1,000 depending on size and complexity:


Other Ways We Can Help

Garden Collections

Check out our free garden bed designs for a range of color preferences and site conditions (even deer resistance!). Each of these Home Outside Garden Collections features Proven Winners shrubs and perennials pleasingly arranged to fit a 6x8' garden bed. Specific plant varieties, a planting plan, and installation tips are included.



How soon can I talk with my designer?

Once you purchase a Garden Design Session on our secure checkout page, you’ll use our short online workbook to send us your questions and photos. Within 1-2 days (or on the earliest weekday after a weekend or holiday), your designer will contact you to schedule a screenshare call based on your availability.

If I don't have an internet connection, can we talk on the phone?

Sure, but you’ll miss out on seeing your designer’s cursor gestures and annotations drawn over the photos and plan.

What if I don't have a property plan?

No problem, we can get a sense of the space from your shared photos and descriptions. You can even send us a ‘napkin sketch’ of your ideas if that’s all you have.

Is there a property size limit for a Garden Design Consultation?

No matter the size of your property, we can always talk about the big picture, design intent, and broad-stroke possibilities in regards to your landscape. If you have questions about small areas of a large property, as long as you send photos of each area, your designer will discuss as much as possible during your call.

Will I be talking to a live person?

Yes, you’ll have a conversation with a designer using your computer or mobile phone’s microphone and speakers while simultaneously viewing your designer’s screen.

What if I like my designer so much, I want him or her to create a garden planting design or landscape design for me?

That would make us very happy! After the session, your designer will follow up with a cost estimate for the custom design services you need.

What if I don't see my question here?

Please use our contact form, and we’ll be happy to help!