Long Corten Steel Modular Raised Bed

This six-foot-long, extra-deep garden planter was designed by Gardener’s Supply Company! With modern style and modular construction, this planter series can support anything from pollinator plants to veggie root crops. Self-watering inserts are available for these planters. Corten steel is a unique and durable weathering steel that develops a protective patina of rust over time that safeguards the base metal from corrosion. The steel arrives in its natural grey state and will build its patina over a period of weeks or months.

Try out the planter in augmented reality and purchase it below. And if you want to support your local pollinators with these stunning plantings, you can also download our free Planting Plan PDF.


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Gardener's Supply Company
Corten Steel Modular Raised Bed
2'x6' (17.5" D)
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Get the Planting Plan PDF featuring this planter, plant names, quantities, placement, and dimensions for adding this gorgeous pollinator garden to your outdoor space.

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