Terra Cotta Brunello Planter Duo

The Brunello planters are a customer favorite at Gardener’s Supply Company! Premium-quality construction and simple yet elegant design make these planters a natural for flowers, herbs and vegetables; the larger planters also accommodate shrubs and small trees. Frame your entryway with a pair of flower-filled planters to welcome guests. Grow your favorite culinary herbs near your kitchen door. Or create a corner garden on your deck. Brunello planters are available in multiple sizes and colors. By repeating a single style of planter, your artistic arrangement will have a unified look. Made from UV-resistant, high-density polyethylene, these rugged planters easily withstand both high and low outdoor temperatures.

Try out the planters in augmented reality and purchase them below. And if you want to recreate this colorful vignette, you can also download our free Planting Plan PDF.


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Brunello Planters
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Get the Planting Plan PDF featuring these planters, plant names, quantities, placement, and dimensions for creating this colorful oasis in your outdoor space.

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