Landscape Design Consultation


If you’re like most people, you want your outdoor space to fulfill a variety of functions — this requires a unifying design that considers your unique space and works within your parameters. 

We begin with a $199 Landscape Design Consultation with an experienced, educated landscape designer for some creative solutions. The consultation helps us understand your needs so we can provide you with the guidance to confidently move forward. You’ll learn what types of design drawings Home Outside can produce for your unique project to help you accomplish your goals. Home Outside landscape design costs typically range from $800-$5,000, depending on size, complexity, and the option for 3D Views.

First, you’ll complete a short online workbook so we can prepare some great ideas for you. Then, you’ll have a 45-minute screenshare or phone call with your designer for one-of-a-kind, practical design ideas. You’ll receive meeting notes, an inspiring image board, as well as a custom quote for creating the plans and visualizations you need to make your landscape improvements happen. Let’s connect!

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Once you talk with a Designer

We’ll follow up our consultation with a custom design proposal for a remote landscape design service.

Home Outside Landscape Designs are beautiful, functional plans and visualizations that, depending on your needs, can include:

Master Plan with Design Notes

An illustrative plan showing the elements of your outdoor space organized into a beautiful design that flows well and works with your life. Discuss ideas with your designer and give feedback during the process. You’ll get a full-color, printable 11×17” PDF that includes designer’s notes explaining design features, general materials, and practical and aesthetic recommendations.


3D Views

See your landscape design come to life with 3D Views. This can be particularly helpful if you’re not used to looking at plan view drawings. 3D Views will give you a preview of how your space, views, light, and shadows will change with the designed improvements. We’ll give you views from from multiple angles so you can be confident of the proposed design in the context of your property.

Plant Suggestions

If you need general help picking out the right plants for the right locations on your property, rather than a fully detailed design plan, we can help. Your designer can put together a palette of plants that would thrive in your growing conditions; you or your contractor can make the final choices on how many plants, and where exactly to place them in your yard. If you’re looking for a fully detailed planting plan that shows what exactly to plant and where, we can do that too.


Detailed Drawings

Need more plan information to finalize your landscape design? If you can provide the detailed base information, we can provide the more technical, black-and-white plans you need to turn your design into a reality. Design dimensions, square footages of proposed materials, quantities of new plants to install – we can draw it up for you. Ask about this service during your Landscape Design Consultation for more information on what kinds of plans we can create for your unique design project.

Custom Design Projects

Check out these projects from our Project Gallery for a sense of what you'll get.


Drought Tolerant Backyard — Western Texas

Family Vacation Home – New Hampshire


Modern Backyard — Washington, DC


Cottage Garden – Southern Brazil


Pool Patio – Long Island, NY


Party Central — Phoenix, AZ



What information will you need from me to create a design?

You’ll complete an online workbook to tell us about your property and share your landscape goals and a few photos of your house and yard.

How long will it take for me to get my design?

Once you have your design consultation, approve a quote for services, and submit any additional photos or measurements your designer needs, you’ll have your design in about 5-6 weeks. Sometimes the designer needs to clarify your information, or it can take a few days for the designer and client to find a mutually convenient time for the phone consultations, but we aim to get your design to you as quickly as possible.

Is there a property size limit for your design services?

Typically, our services work best when applied to design areas of up to one-half of an acre, however we’re happy to consider a custom quote for planning for larger properties as well.

Can I decide to add 3D Views to my service during or after the design process?

Yes! Ask your Home Outside designer to add 3D Views to your service at any time.

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