Spring Sensory Garden


This beautiful spring-blooming garden is a sensory delight, with the aromatic gardenias and brilliant fuchsia azaleas creating a lovely floral display. The grass-like liriope and evergreen azaleas add texture and interest, even in the off-season.

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Autumn Amethyst™
Encore® Azalea
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Big Blue
Liriope Plant
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This Kit Includes

  • Rhododendron ‘Conlee’ (Autumn Amethyst™ Encore® Azalea) This medium sized azalea is a rebloomer, showcasing its hot-pink trumpets in spring and again in fall, much to the pleasure of hummingbirds and butterflies. Evergreen in nature, its leaves will turn a lovely purple in winter. Great for woodland gardens, it prefers moist, organically rich, acidic soils. Avoid planting under walnuts or in hot-dry locations, especially in the afternoon sun.
  • Gardenia jasminoides ‘Radicans’ (Dwarf Radicans gardenia) This broadleaf evergreen is known most for its delightful spring fragrance. Low and creeping in nature, plant as a groundcover or border plant. Deadheading can encourage repeat flower, and orange fruits will emerge in fall, attracting birds. Acid soils are a must for this plant, and it will yellow in soils that are too alkaline.
  • Liriope muscari ‘Big Blue’ (Big Blue Liliturf) This grass-like groundcover requires low maintenance and maintains a clean, green appeal. Blooming in spring with lavender tufts, the flowers will fade into dark little berries by mid-summer. Consider this as a low-mow, lawn alternative for areas not exposed to foot traffic.