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Do you ever feel envious of picture-perfect garden-porn landscapes that few of us can afford to emulate? Or are you waiting until you live in just the right place before you begin to indulge your secret desire to get your hands in the dirt and create a garden?

Big Dreams, Small Garden: A Guide to Creating Something Extraordinary in Your Ordinary Space by Marianne Willburn (Skyhorse Publishing, 2017) is one of our favorite gardening books of 2017 (and not just because the author touts our Home Outside app as a great way to design your property)! The book is loaded with creative and practical ideas for transforming whatever garden you’re stuck with into the garden of your dreams.

Invest $18 in this book, and learn how to save money while creating the garden you’ve always wanted. There are tons of tips and how-to’s accumulated from Willburn’s long experience (not the often-erroneous advice so often spread on social media without regard for accuracy!), as well as more philosophical musings on embracing imperfection and appreciating simple pleasures. Thanks to the author’s humor and down-to-earth voice, the book is a delight to read and a trove of helpful information.

Read more about the book in this blog post by the author.