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In our Vermont studio, it’s 35°F out today and SUNNY! It practically feels like summer after the “bomb cyclone” of last week. Also reminding us of summer are the seed catalogs now arriving daily! There are so many good ones to fight over. A new favorite is Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, whose catalog and website are packed with huge, gorgeous photographs that make you want to start digging in your garden immediately. Home Outside designer Erica (who already grows a huge variety of veggies, fruits, herbs, and flowers in her home garden) says, “This just makes me want to try so many new things!” Baker Creek is committed to preserving heirloom, rare, and endangered varieties, and their seed is all non-GMO.

An old favorite is Johnny’s Selected Seeds. Employee-owned, this company rigorously trials its seeds to make sure they yield hardy, disease-resistant plants. Says designer Jana, “Their quality and variety are amazing. The comparison charts in the catalog are super-helpful. I love to get carried away garden-dreaming with this catalog!”