Home Outside® Design Service is offered by Home Outside, Inc., a Vermont corporation with offices at 17 Rockingham St, Unit E, Bellows Falls, VT 05101 (“Home Outside”). Home Outside is an online landscape design service, using digital technology to provide good home landscape design for everyone.

Home Outside Scope of Work

The Property Plan service is available for full and partial properties. (A partial property design comprises up to 60% of the total property size.) The client uses the Home Outside online process to submit his/her property information, images, goals, and preferences to the designers, who provide the following deliverables:

  • An aesthetically pleasing and functional conceptual design layout that incorporates the client’s desired features into the existing landscape;
  • Design notes that call out the functions of various areas and elements, general materials, and practical and aesthetic recommendations;
  • Plant suggestions such as “small flowering tree,” “evergreen groundcover,” “mixed border,” etc. (not specific plant varieties or quantities).
  • An image board with 15-20 images illustrating design ideas.

The Property Plan is delivered to the client as a printable, full-color 11×17” PDF of the digitally rendered layout complete with the design notes.

Planting Concept Design is a custom service that shows clients which plants to use and where to place them. The client receives a PDF of a digitally rendered detailed layout of each garden area, with varieties and quantities of plants, as well as a private Pinterest board featuring an image and information for each suggested plant, and a 30-minute phone call with the designer. Pricing depends on the size and complexity of the design area(s). Home Outside will provide a quote for this service on request.

Client’s payment of the fee(s) associated with the desired service(s) indicates client’s acceptance of the terms of this Agreement.

Use of Images

Home Outside may use client’s images and deliverables on our website and marketing materials. We respect our clients’ privacy and will identify projects only by general location such as metropolitan area, region, or state. If client does not wish his/her project to be used in this manner, written notification must be provided via email to [email protected]


The Property Plan service includes two telephone or screensharing discussions between designer and client. These calls may be recorded by Home Outside for quality assurance and training purposes.


Any purchase of a Home Outside product or service is valid for one year from the date of purchase. If the client does not complete the Home Outside workbook or respond to messages from Home Outside during that time but would like to continue the purchased service, Home Outside reserves the right to charge additional fees if the price of that product or service has increased. If the client does not wish to proceed with Home Outside after one year from purchase, the purchase price is forfeited.


For a complete professional-level landscape design the Home Outside online design service should be augmented by an onsite visit and consultation by Julie Moir Messervy Design Studio (“JMMDS”), Home Outside’s affiliate, or another qualified landscape professional. Always observe local, state and federal zoning and environmental laws in any landscape installation. Neither Home Outside nor JMMDS design work includes drainage or engineering work that your property may require.

Disclaimer of Warranty

Home Outside will provide landscape design services in accordance with the limitations inherent in remote design without personal on-site inspection. Therefore, JMMDS does not warrant that the plan will result in a landscape and/or garden satisfactory to Client, or that plantings will be successful. Client’s sole remedy and Home Outside’s sole obligation is to provide a substitute Plan in the event it does not provide the initial Plan in accordance with this Agreement.

Limitation of Liability

In no event will Home Outside be liable for consequential, special, punitive or other indirect damages even if it has been informed of the likelihood of such damages. The maximum liability of Home Outside under this Agreement will be the amount paid by Client for the Design Services that the claim is based upon. Client acknowledges that Home Outside can offer the prices and fees under this Agreement only on the condition of these Limitations of Liability.

Governing Law

This Agreement and the work undertaken pursuant to this Agreement is subject to the laws of the State of Vermont. Any action undertaken by the parties to this Agreement must be brought before the state or federal courts located in Windham County, Vermont.

Sole Agreement

This Agreement represents the entire and sole agreement between the parties for the design services contemplated by this Agreement.

Acceptance of Terms

Client accepts these terms and conditions by requesting Design Services from Home Outside.