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There is a freedom that comes from showering in the out-of-doors. For those lucky enough to have a pool or pond on their property or a beach nearby, it’s helpful to have access to an outdoor area to clean or towel off before setting foot inside. A simple showerhead, some paving underfoot, a way to drain the water, and a screen or fence for privacy that allows air to circulate easily are just about all you need.

Above: This stone shower wall was inspired by stone alcoves in Kashmir, India. Arched insets like these can be both practical—holding shampoos and vases—and an aesthetic delight.

From New Landscaping Ideas That Work  by Julie Moir Messervy (The Taunton Press, 2018). Design: JMMDS. Photo: Susan Teare.


Placing an outdoor shower right under a porch ceiling and on an exterior wall is a great way to use leftover space while ensuring privacy, whatever the time of day.

From Landscaping Ideas That Work  by Julie Moir Messervy (The Taunton Press, 2013). Design: Phi Home Designs. Photo: Brian Vanden Brink.


Air circulation is always important to consider when installing an outdoor shower. Slats break up the view while allowing breezes in.

From Landscaping Ideas That Work. Photo: Brian Vanden Brink.


This charming spiral shower conceals while allowing views out. And it looks like fun.

From Landscaping Ideas That WorkDesign: South Mountain Company. Photo: Brian Vanden Brink.


Slatted wood partitions lend privacy while allowing plenty of air circulation. Deep shelves provide places to hold soap and other items.

From New Landscaping Ideas That Work. Design: Hutker Architects. Photo: Brian Vanden Brink.


This wonderful wall composed of seashells gives outdoor bathing a rococo elegance. An old-fashioned showerhead pours water down on the lucky recipient (who can pick a banana when it ripens).

From New Landscaping Ideas That Work. Photo: Tria Giovan.